Cosmetic tattoos

What is Permanent Make-Up?

Also known as Cosmetic Tattoos, Permanent Make-Up is a process of inserting specially designed pigments just below the surface of the skin to enhance or alter its appearance. Permanent Make-Up procedures include eyebrows, eyeliner and lip color. Other associated procedures can be performed to simulate the appearance of hair, camouflage scars and re-pigment breast areolas.

How can permanent make-up benefit me?

    • Saves time and offers convenience for people who have tight schedules and/or busy lifestyles.
    • Eliminates the exertion of daily make-up application for individuals with physical challenges (such as arthritis, poor vision, tremors, paralysis of upper extremities).
    • Restores the natural appearance for those who may have been affected by illness, trauma or other circumstances: cancer, alopecia, traumatic and/or surgical facial scars, age-related hair thinning.
    • Correction of prior permanent make-up procedures (color adjustments, unflattering placement or shape).
    • Improve appearance of facial asymmetry.
    • Provides an alternative for those with sensitivities/allergies to daily cosmetic use.
    • Enhances facial features consistently and reliably, so that you have peace of mind and confidence in the knowledge that you look your best!



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