Jason Havoc Teodorczy
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About me

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My name is Jason, most people call me Havoc, I grew up in New Jersey and have had a love for art for as long as I can remember. I studied graphic design in school focusing on computer graphics, but shortly after I started school I realized that I was more passionate about drawing and refocused my energy on developing that particular form of art. Between my appreciation for tattoos, my growing drawing skills and the support of my friends and family I challenged myself with an apprenticeship at a local tattoo shop where I began to really dive into where I saw my future going. While apprenticing I married my best friend who continued to support me through holding a full-time job, apprenticing and purchasing our first home. As an apprentice I worked on enhancing the skills I had and building on them to ensure my customer satisfaction along with my growth as an artist; and thanks to great friends and trusting clients I was able to do some very unique pieces as an apprentice. I became a licensed tattoo artist in May of 2016 and since then, thanks to continuously supportive customers I have, I  have been able to do a variety of pieces I have a lot of pride in. There’s so many artists in the industry that I look up to and admire, it constantly keeps me open to learning new techniques and challenging myself with pieces. Currently I am really into a style of art and tattooing called Trash Polka, which consists heavily of black and grey with pops of red with a mix of realism and abstract imagery. Even though this is my main focus I enjoy doing all other styles and will always be learning so that I stay well versed in the tattoo world.

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