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Jennifer Davis is certified by the American Academlny Micropigmentation as a permanent cosmetic tattoo artist. She received her training in primary cosmetic tattoo artistry as well as areola  restoration/scar camouflage at the internationally acclaimed Beau Institute, under the direct instruction of top industry expert and renowned educator, Rose Marie Beauchemin. She went on to complete  her apprenticeship under the tutelage of Maria DeSantis (owner of A Face Forever), whose own expertise spans over two decades. Jennifer has been a registered nurse since 2004, having spent the majority of her career caring for terminally ill (hospice) patients. In order to better serve those in her care, Jennifer furthered her  ducation and became Wound Care Certified in 2010. This knowledge has enhanced her ability to assess how a client's skin responds to treatment and what is needed for a most successful healing process. In addition to her clinical expertise, Jennifer has an extensive background in the creative arts for almost three decades. She is well-versed in color theory, spatial relation and perspective. Along with her constant attention to detail, she is able to provide clients with the best possible results. From her many years with hospice patients and their friends/families, Jennifer understands how quality of life is paramount to everyone, in every walk of life. And while everyone defines "quality“  differently, the one consistent factor is that even the smallest changes, especially in appearance, can make a very big difference in how people feel about themselves and how much they enjoy life. Whether a person wants permanent make—up due to illness, physical limitations or simply convenience, Jennifer‘s ultimate goal is always the same: to help improve the quality of life for her clients. Always quick with a smile, friendly, and dedicated to the highest quality of care, Jennifer is happy to answer questions and address any concerns clients may have.

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